Where assets come to life

Our AI software transforms almost any IoT device, with a special focus on Bluetooth Low Energy, into your logistics decision-makers. We give you streamlined insights while also providing seamless real-time asset tracking and monitoring. Indoors, outdoors, everywhere.

Our data-driven deliverables integrate into every facet of your business, from the production floor to the boardroom and beyond.

Strategic level Elevating decisions for global impact

At a glance, it’s not immediately clear how pallets, medical equipment, or air cargo containers share similarities. However, the key question arises: How can we optimize our resources, foster sustainability, and reassess incumbent supply chain decisions?

At Undagrid, we re-create current data to make all these moving assets, equipment, and goods a continuous part of your daily decision-making processes. Enhance your inventory management, embrace circular practices, or minimize wasteful resource handling—all with the power of our innovative solutions.

Tactical Level Navigating the path to operational excellence

One of our main goals is to elevate the quality and efficiency of services by supporting the digitization of processes. Embrace Undagrid to empower your operations to reach undiscovered levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

At Undagrid, we leverage your existing knowledge, technologies, infrastructure, and smart devices effortlessly. No need for unnecessary investments and lengthy project implementations. This is what we do at airports, for trailer fleets, workshops, or facilities housing many, many movable assets.

Execution level Making it happen on the ground

Naturally, our technology operates at the individual level, where each piece of equipment can be meticulously managed by a single person.

Finding the right equipment, promptly addressing maintenance needs, detecting damage, and ensuring compliance with standard processes – at Undagrid, we prioritize securing your operations while streamlining costs, so you can focus on what truly matters.

IoT’s Unified Ecosystem

Effortlessly with Undagrid UNO

Our approach involves worldwide autonomous IoT devices, Bluetooth tags, sensors, and user-friendly apps. The Undagrid UNO network seamlessly connects all the components, creating a unified ecosystem.

Complementing this hardware infrastructure is our intelligent software, featuring advanced algorithms, APIs, and AI models. Together, they form the backbone of Undagrid’s robust IoT solution.

Deeply embedded Into blue-chip customers

We’re proud to serve some of the industry’s most renowned names. These esteemed companies trust Undagrid to optimize their logistics operations and ensure they stay at the forefront of innovation.