About us

Undagrid is a collection of many years experience creating cutting edge technology.

But how did Undagrid start? Undagrid’s story began with the founders meeting at a leading telematics company. Here, three of us pioneered the first-ever European cloud platform for connected cars, later followed by teaming up with the initiator of the global IoT business unit at the world’s largest telecom company. This was the beginning of Undagrid.

Over the years, new, talented team members joined Undagrid. Talent that had previously co-developed the first Bluetooth software; created ad-hoc networks for moveable assets or studied navigation options for Mars Robots. As a team, we learned about the integrity of process and logistics, and we brought this value to customers like Lufthansa and Vodafone.

Undagrid is now in full business within a select range of target industries and has received multiple international awards for turning groundbreaking ideas into real business. And we intend to continue to break ground. Not only for our customers, but also for ourselves, and society at large.