API & Integrations

Our approach to API and integration lets you schedule queries or transfer data from Undagrid to any IT/IoT platform. 

For protocol integration, MQTT and REST are available ready-to-use, plus other protocols optionally (tracking device protocols, other proprietary protocols). Additional protocols can be implemented by using micro services. For single sign-on, Undagrid relies on Auth0.

Nowadays, Undagrid services are integrated with SAP, IoT.nxt, AWS, INFORM, Salesforce, amongst others.
Find our API & documentation click here, also to get in touch with our integration specialists.

Seamless Positioning

The geolocalization engine from Undagrid can be used globally for all major IoT products and platforms, plus is accessible via an API. It is hardware and communication agnostic, giving full scope to the fast-growing IoT/edge opportunities.

The engine is designed to process a vast number of requests based on cellular IoT technologies (e.g. NB-IoT and LTE-M). LoRa, WiFi, BLE & sensor measurement data (IMU, air pressure). Editable geofences or named areas can be used as well. The process is context-aware and progressive to guarantee the highest accuracy possible. The output via the API is naturally in x,y,z, optionally and seamlessly combined with named geographical areas. Our geolocalization engine offers many benefits:

  • 3D seamless positioning, including height
  • Adaptive positioning by deductive layering
  • No hardware or chipset lock-in
  • Designed for low power IoT/Edge use
  • No GPS required
  • Engine under GDPR, no data harvesting 
  • Public and private network integrations, including LoRa
  • Context-aware
  • Advanced anchor management
  • From the last Mile to Meter accuracy (you decide!)
  • Plus, Undagrid is European based, this means we do not store your data.

See our Seamless Positioning API documentation here.

BLE SDK (Beta)

Undagrid is used by global logistics companies, so your app can be applied to special use cases or implemented in global solutions!

Our BLE SDK is meant for developers to build mobile apps implementing Undagrid IoT tools. The Bluetooth SDK handles the communication with Undanet BLE nodes and network in the surrounding of a smart device which acts as a gateway to a back-end system. Undanet devices additionally can decode encrypted Undanet broadcast data, connect to the nodes and act as an Undanet gateway.

Beta users who understand the fundamentals of the iOS/Android framework are invited to join the Beta program. Examples of the apps built by external developers can be found under Apps.

Below you can find some characteristics of our BLE SDK, yet get in touch with us to learn more or get access to our SDK.

Our SDKs are:

  • Developed natively for both iOS and Android
  • Supporting Android 5.1 and higher
  • Supporting iOS 11 and higher
  • Proguard obfuscation in use for Android
  • Not causing non-compliance of Apps with respect to Apple’s and Google’s acceptance criteria respectively
  • Interacting with permissions (e.g. Location and Bluetooth) of the respective OS
  • Using minimal energy consumption on smart devices, yet supporting background scanning/connectivity

Other BLE devices can be found and filtered, and one can start a search algorithm and find them (using the Trailblazer app) using Undagrid’s advanced localization algorithms. This part of the BLE can be used for any BLE device to track it down with great precision.

  • BLE Node Scanning
    • Scans for BLE devices based on ID filters
    • Makes data available to application
    • Scanning takes place as a background process
  • BLE Node Connectivity
    • Creates rules for connecting to specific devices and dictate when to connect
    • Undanet over BLE (encoding/decoding, encrypting/decrypting packets)
  • BLE Data Sync with Backend
    • Based on store & forward principal