Medical aid devices always on the right spot

More than tracking and not only reporting. Our digital tools ensure that the right medical aid device is in the right place.

The use of medical aid equipment will continue to increase. This means that actual insights into the usage and location of equipment will become even more critical. However, the most common, such as wheelchairs, infusion pumps and even hoists, are almost completely out of sight. Undagrid’s solution changes this.

Our digital tools autonomously recognise the status, trail and location of an aid and makes this immediately understandable, taking into account all privacy matters. Having these reliable insights leads to a better balance of deployment (and more deployments) and avoids unnecessary investments in assets.

Knowing where something is, instead of guessing or searching for a long time, saves a lot of time and prevents missing out or hoarding. And it supports better control of recall or service actions.

Our goal is to improve your logistics process of medical equipment, ensure quality for the patient and ease operational management, using existing systems for any budget.