The introduction of the Undagrid solutions in 2014 and the continuous improvements for various use cases, has set new standards for active nomadic sensor systems.

Over the last years, Undagrid has developed in cooperation with others IoT hardware working with multi-RAT connectivity architecture (LPWAN such as LoRaWAN, NB.IoT/LTE-M and BLE) and embedded software for ultra low-energy device performance. We trust hardware partners and 3rd party suppliers and cooperate with them instead of developing products by ourselves.

The selection of existing or upcoming products, amongst others the GSEtracker, the Nestor IoT product family, Load Sensors for GSE (dollies), yet also hardware from trusted partners as Sodaq, Ctrack by Inseego, SOPHY or common iBeacons are integrated or seamlessly working together with (most of) all Undagrid IoT Tools.

As Undagrid is hardware agnostic, almost any IoT device can benefit from the solutions and experience of Undagrid. Onboarding devices lies in the possibility of configuring existing device protocols. In the case of devices that are not communicating via a known communication infrastructure, it is possible to do a cloud-to-cloud integration with the backend they are communicating to and still use all the functionality offered by Undagrid.

Running our solutions is extremely energy efficient, as energy consumption in IoT (devices) is a very important factor. It is secure by design, supported by the decentralized nature of our solution.

With our range, Undagrid can assist you in making the right product choice.