uno getStarted

Get Started with UNO out of the box

UNO out of the box is a starter pack that contains 5 Confidex Viking™ Classic tags. With access to our app suits, this will get you up and running fast so you can focus on validating the UNO solution

UNO out the box includes

Start by using the pre-configured sensors, that report location, movement, and temperature

5 tags
5 Confidex Viking™ Classic tags
The Trailblazer App shows you the last known position of every asset and uses Bluetooth signals to find the asset you are searching for. The app is built on the Undagrid UNO SDK which turns any app into a gateway for any BLE tag.
Shows you the most up-to-date position and the current state of the 5 Confidex Viking™ Classic tags on the map
Client API
Everything you need to start building your own apps