How we do it

At Undagrid we digitize and globalize logistical processes across the entire chain by merging markets, technology, people and products. This approach generates holistic solutions that capture the full potential of a scalable solution.

Undagrid software:

  • Reveals information on process & asset level
  • Globally localizes from the last mile to meter, regardless of indoor or outdoor location
  • Achieves goals that characterize any logistical process like… 
    • Enhancing service and performance
    • Lowering costs in overall distribution process to detailed inventory level
    • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Provides its software in a modular way to allow an asset to inform the user about its process state, at any moment.

All these benefits provide better business and logistics, plus avoids the hurdle of cost per implementation.

We map

Undagrid always begins with mapping your process, for the best start and an even better outcome.

But, why does Undagrid start with mapping your process? Today, in many companies, inefficiency increases due to lack of real insights and knowledge caused by incumbent supply chain operations or too many spreadsheets. Undagrid’s DNA flourishes in thinking and acting cross-functional. We first take a look at the overall process, and then come up with insights on how modular solutions can fit into your budget and daily operations. This results in:

  • A flexible approach
  • Understanding key insights and challenges
  • Handling of growing and ongoing demands
  • Avoiding lock-in or legacy commitments

We solve

Undagrid flourishes in solving complex inefficiency problems, with pioneering process solutions.

From employing sensor-fusion frameworks to autonomous edge runtime, Undagrid’s technology is able to reveal process insights that span from supply chain to end-of-life. With this, Undagrid continues to revolutionize solutions for billion dollar challenges within any logistical process. Including, but not limited to, solving:

  • Missing KPI information (holes in the KPIs)
  • Digital stock and usage registration
  • Digital audit trails of cleaning, maintenance, inspection
  • Seamless positioning, everywhere
  • Automated allocation at the right moment at the right place
  • Notifications or warnings at the right time, instead of too much (or not at all)

We improve

Undagrid provides endless opportunities to optimize logistical processes and create new services based on assets.

Undagrid can see things that have not yet been seen, to take advantage of opportunities that have not yet been taken. More than only a position, the unique Undagrid technology detects more, and pinpoints valuable insights across your entire asset process, from manufacturer, to distributor, to operationally—improving supply chain issues, saving time and money, and even making money. Improvements you can expect include:

  • Reduction on costs of assets
  • Digital registration of regulatory tasks
  • Increased employee happiness
  • Better financial results
  • Reduction on carbon footprint