Medical device providers

One of Europe’s leading suppliers of medical devices and healthcare professionals always has the latest status of their devices at their fingertips, and how many there are in each of the hundreds of consignment stocks.

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With Undagrid technology they can know whether a device is:

  • Still in a consignment stock at a partner
  • In use with a patient
  • Needs to be picked up for sterilization
  • Plus, at the same time patient privacy is guaranteed as no location information is kept while in use by a patient

There’s more we do in healthcare

In the healthcare industry, we also support another leading global medical technology company in optimizing business operations with up-to-date information of status and location via embedded intelligence and Seamless Positioning Engine, visualized through the IoT platform of Undagrid’s partner Vodafone.

The customer improves patient experience by implementing a just-in-time delivery of surgical equipment and implants to hospital surgery rooms. Together with its central sterile services partner and Undagrid’s event-based auditable process tracking solution, the customer is able to:

  • Inform the hospital staff when a surgery kit is about to be delivered to an emergency room
  • Full visibility on movement and use of its inventory and the tools
  • Strike optimal balance between centralized regional stock and hospital consignment stocks