Undagrid is the global digitalization supplier to Safran for the ‘connected trolley’ program, as part of their global connected cabin strategy. The award-winning SOPHY solution consists of purpose-built blocks for use in aviation, geolocalization and various tools, built in cooperation between Safran und Undagrid.

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Safran believes in connected catering and how to make this a reality, and can be seen as an example of how new initiatives can be launched in the global aviation industry.

From the initial design-thinking process to the final steps for this market introduction, leadership was shown in future-acting. Undagrid’s IoT building blocks in SOPHY reveal knowledge to run a better business on two levels: 

  • The individual asset (the trolley) 
  • Plus the global catering process

Norman Jordan, CEO of Safran Cabin says: “Thanks to the partnership with Undagrid, we will be able to provide our customers with a product that will bring valuable insights on their catering processes; this product will allow them to further improve their daily operations.”