Vebego needed event-driven service information to change the way it performs facility services and waste collection. Undagrid’s solution provides real time indoor and outdoor insights through constant measurements, instead of periodic frequencies. These insights turn standard, costly waste collecting routines into much more efficient dynamic planning and management.

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Developed in cooperation with our partner Conclusion, the solution results in overall cost reductions by at least 30%, improves the ‘Clean Experience’ of the public and ensures meeting the environmental demands more easily.

“The OPEX reduction exceeds expectations, while offering users an outstanding experience. Undagrid helps us make facility services and waste collection really sustainable, a core theme for all our customers.”

Undagrid’s solution consists of two proven components: 

  • an easy to use, sustainable IoT smart sensor device to collect real time filling-levels and the status from any garbage bin (paper, glass, plastic, rest)
  • a cloud environment where all data is gathered, stored and serviced via a smart application and integrated in business software

An article (in Dutch only) can be found here: