The e-commerce logistics giant DHL wanted to improve the digital stock and usage problem of their complicated assets network. We solved it with a combination of Undagrid technology, including Seamless Positioning, a range of smart devices—all  integrated with internal IT systems.

DHL’s equipment leaves the depot, travels around the globe, and goes into oblivion. That’s until it pops up in one of their facilities again. Our implementation supports DHL with these challenges, and resulted in some major benefits:

  • Improved usage of equipment, at the right place and time
  • Less fuel consumption that is supportive to SDG goals
  • 40% reduction idle time
  • Optimizing local maintenance and audits

Now, through the use of IoT/Edge, their tremendous growth in e-commerce operations doesn’t lead to an uncontrolled increase in resources.

With this solution, real-time asset information is available at any time and in any place. We can use all the networked assets optimally both outdoor and indoor. Undagrid helps us make digital assets really sustainable for our operations. Now we know and don’t have to guess.”