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Utilize any Bluetooth sensors everywhere with UNO

UNO delivers secure BLE sensor traceability everywhere without infrastructure

How would your solution benefit from UNO

Create secure data gateways where you don’t have them now

Be more distinctiveness from competitors End-to-end encrypted Privacy

Solve use cases you couldn’t do before

Beat your competition

Deliver a better service for your customers

Create extra business with this new service  

Become less dependent on infrastructure  

Save costs on infra  

Show innovation and profit

Why leading companies trust UNO for data collection & data enrichment

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BLE devices

UNO the missing link for B2B Bluetooth solutions


Your Tag

UNO works with many common BLE tags. Do you use a custom profile on your tags? Let’s learn UNO to scan for it.


with the UNO SDK

The SDK scans for your BLE payloads and enriches it with the location and activity of the smart device.


with UNO cloud

The location and other information UNO gathers is offered via the UNO API. The UNO client is there to help you manage it all.

Get started wit UNO out of the box

The Starterkit consists of 5 BLE tags. With acces to our app suits, this will get you up and running fast so you can focus on validation the UNO solution.

End to end Encrypted

Global BLE standard

No additional infrastructure

Why with Undagrid

We envision a world where movable goods and equipment can work together with people, as a natural extension of physical processes. With 8 years of experience in the aviation industry, we believe this industry is still at the start of this vision.